Learning Macramé

I have always enjoyed working with my hands and learning in a tactile way. I want to watch and replicate. Create and feel my way through a project. When I saw a DIY Macramé kit on Etsy, I knew I had to try it.

A simple beginner design of a feather from https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/MoonGazingStudioArt?ref=nla_listing_details (Wonderful shop owner!). I’ll admit, my first attempt was a little rough as I tried to incorporate other designs I had seen, but without the proper knowledge in how to start. The fantastic thing about macramé is that it’s easy to undo what you’ve knotted and start again.

Starting the face hugger

After purchasing additional colours of string, beads, and collecting driftwood from a river, I was able to create this 5 leaf wall hanging.

Much like a tasty salty snack, once you have one, you want more face huggers. Ok, maybe not, but I ordered an beginners macramé book and a lot more string.

The thing about the string is that Link wants to destroy it. A lot. As soon as I touch it, he appears from thin air to attack and take the evil string away. My next project proved a lot more challenging due to him ripping the knots apart.

The starting of a diamond wall hanging.

After two redo’s, I completed my diamond wall hanging. This is a very easy beginner’s project. For any macramé projects of long length, I would recommend taping it to a counter top and standing to do your knots. It makes it much easier to sort each strand to ensure your counts are correct and that it’s less likely to become tangled.

More to come!

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