The Square Knot Sinnet

Like most beginner macrame, a square knot sinnet is an easy knot that is also easy to make a mess out of. The key is to ensure you alternate the square knots or your work will begin to twist into a spiral. Resembling a helix, it’s a nice addition if that’s what you were intending,Continue reading “The Square Knot Sinnet”

Learning Macramé

I have always enjoyed working with my hands and learning in a tactile way. I want to watch and replicate. Create and feel my way through a project. When I saw a DIY Macramé kit on Etsy, I knew I had to try it. A simple beginner design of a feather from (Wonderful shopContinue reading “Learning Macramé”

Unboxing – Marzia Sweet Box

I love how fast shipping is with the Marzia sub-box! It’s also one of the few parcels I receive that I don’t have to pay additional handling fees, which is why I continue to subscribe. Plus, you get so many quality items! And the Sweet Box is no exception. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF15 inContinue reading “Unboxing – Marzia Sweet Box”

Unboxing – Marzia Night Time Cozy Box

It’s here! Well technically it was here two months ago, but due to the type of contents, it’s taken me a while to take the time to try everything. There’s so much to try! A lot of samples and variety. As you can see, there are lots of face masks! Not the kind of thingContinue reading “Unboxing – Marzia Night Time Cozy Box”