Unboxing – Marzia Floral Box

I won’t lie, I was prepared to be disappointed after several previous sub boxes from other providers. Something useful/interesting accompanied by junk, junk, junk. My Marzia sub box arrived much earlier than I anticipated, which in itself is a promising first step. Ms. Marzia and Reelstyle – excellent selection!


This is the box, rapidly thrashed open, cards stuck up in the back so I could see the goodies!

Let’s start with the cleanser, Derma E. I’m not much of a cleanser user because with my sensitive beluga skin I usually have some sort of attractive outbreak. This is a fairly nice cleanser, relatively gentle, though I personally would not use it in consecutive days due to the amount of exfoliating bits. Points for being cruelty free!20170512_101300

Yes to Cucumbers! Yesssssssssss to this product. Who doesn’t love micellar water?! I’ve used this daily since receiving it and have had no negative reactions on my skin – though I must strongly advise to RINSE with water after using this product. Yes, I see that it says ‘No Rinsing!’ on the bottle, but there are ingredients in this product that can irritate skin if left on.

The other thing, was the cap/pump. I. Felt. Like. A. Moron. I couldn’t figure out how to open it, the twist would not twist for me. For two days I just unscrewed the top and poured it out… yeah, that bad. Then my BF saw my struggle and figured it out. It arrived open and I was continuously twisting it shut. Derp. Now that I know what’s going on, I quite enjoy it! Two pumps is plenty.

Fresh ROSE – I love this face cream. This is the first face cream I’ve been able to use on a daily basis without any issues. The scent did throw me off at first, but it is of natural rose and disappears immediately after absorbing into your skin. A little dab goes a very long way! I will definitely be buying the full size when I run out of my sample.20170512_101217

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer aka Liquid Magic aka best thing on my face. I honestly don’t know how I didn’t know this existed until now. It’s amazing. Light, creamy, soft, magical, you get the point. It’s amazing. After one use, I went out and bought the full size. I loved it that much.20170512_101240

There are 5 colours from the WinkyLux x Marzia collaboration and I was very happy to have received this beautiful Fuoco shade. What I love about this shadow is that you can blend it light, or create an intense solid colour.  This full size will last me a long, long time – and I also ordered the full 5 shade pallet!20170512_101159

Another full size product! Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray – I don’t blow-dry my hair. Maybe 2-3 times a year… it just doesn’t happen. My hair is so fine that is dries quickly just from being combed out. Plus I’m ‘Hair-Lazy’ and will do the bare minimum to get by.
It’s clean – check
It smells OK – check
It’s brushed – check

OK let’s go.

However, this smells soooo good, I’m finding other purposes. It’s going to be plus 30C? Better brush some of this in. It’s windy and my hair odor may get blown around? Better spray some of this in. Over-all, it’s a nice product to have been included.20170514_072236.jpg

Lastly, we have the cute mini sewing kit and rose salt & pepper shakers. I put the sewing kit in my bag right away, I’m always losing buttons and breaking seams. Does anyone else notice their socks blow seams while walking to work??? Few things feel worse than one toe exposed with the sock fabric encircling the midsection like a half-peeled banana. Bleh. Mini sewing kit, you’ve got me covered.

For the salt and pepper shakers, while super cute looking, I will be re-gifting. They don’t suit my home decor as an ornament and I don’t buy pre-crushed salt or pepper. If I had a girly house instead of a grubby cat house, I’m sure they would look nice.

There was also a white fabric hair tie with a fine embedded wire (to hold shape) that was included. If I had thick luscious hair, I’d be all over it. Alas, it is making a mighty fine vine tie for my Angel Wing Begonia.

Overall this was a fantastic box and I have immensely enjoyed many of the products. Thanks again to Marzia, ReelStyle, and everyone else who put this together. I am looking forward to the next one!

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