Unboxing – Marzia Night Time Cozy Box

It’s here! Well technically it was here two months ago, but due to the type of contents, it’s taken me a while to take the time to try everything. There’s so much to try! A lot of samples and variety.


As you can see, there are lots of face masks! Not the kind of thing you can try on consecutive days unless you want an angry, patchy face.

Let’s start with the Hello Extra Whitening tooth-paste. I like it! I have sensitive teeth and use Sensodyne, but have been flipping between this and Hello. The best thing about Hello is that they do not test on animals! It’s great to see what options are available for tooth care and I was pleased to see this included.

Next we have the DERMA E Overnight Peel. I chose not to do this overnight, but instead used it during the day, while I stayed home. I’m not sure why it’s called an ‘overnight peel’ because in the hours I had it on my face, it never dried. If I had gone to bed with it on, it would have been all over my pillow and probably in my mouth and eyes. I don’t think you’d want to wake up in the night with this stuff in your eyes because it burns! I was very uncomfortable for the first hour as it felt like my face was having a chemical burn. Is that normal? Yikes!
Upon washing it off my skin looked a bit more fresh, but also some red patches. Maybe it’s just not for my skin-type. I have a fair, clear complexion and maybe it works better for a complexion that’s more oily/blemishes?

Crabtree & Evelyn Lavender and Espresso Body Lotion – this will be a give-away without testing it out. Just from opening the lid, there is far too much perfume in the lotion. Burning eyes and migraines right around the corner!

YesTo Grapefruit Sleeping Mask – This is another mask that doesn’t dry and it’s not something I would put on before bed, unless you want it on everything. It smelled a bit odd, a mix between fresh grapefruit and blue cheese/stinky feet. Unfortunately it just didn’t do anything for my skin. As much as I like the YesTo line, I would not use this specific product again.

Borghese Restorative Eye Sheet Mask – I had to try this twice because I wasn’t sure if anything actually happened the first time. The second time, I used it on only one eye and while subtle, I did notice reduces puffiness under my eye!

Kenra Hairspray – FULL SIZE. Super powerful out of the spray can! Easy to work with as it has a very firm hold, but can easily be combed through. Smells great, as I have found with other Kenra products.

Blue Lagoon Multi-pack – I’m pretty sure the silica mud, face-mask is the nicest mask I’ve ever used. I started with the black lava scrub to exfoliate and cleanse my skin. Very nice, easy to rinse and leaves no residue. The silica mud mask makes your skin feel cool as it dries and it so silky smooth when you rinse it off! A week later I tried the algae mask. It smells nice, is soft and buttery, though does not have quite the same impact as the silica mud. This was a very nice sample pack and I’m happy it was included.

Agadir Moisture Masque – there were so many great things in this box, it’s hard to choose a favorite, but I loved this on my hair. What I was most impressed with was that even after a couple days/washes, it was still there creating a soft silky feel in my hair. I will definitely be looking for a full size version of this product!

Creamy Pop Stickers and Buttons – Cute Edgar and Maya!

Super soft, Forrest creature wash cloth and candle!20171029_19585420171029_200003

And finally, the cute art print which I have on my desk at work! Love the colours and design.

Another great box from ReelStyle and Marzia – thanks for this collaboration of fantastic products!

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