The Square Knot Sinnet

Like most beginner macrame, a square knot sinnet is an easy knot that is also easy to make a mess out of. The key is to ensure you alternate the square knots or your work will begin to twist into a spiral. Resembling a helix, it’s a nice addition if that’s what you were intending,Continue reading “The Square Knot Sinnet”

Unboxing – Marzia Floral Box

I won’t lie, I was prepared to be disappointed after several previous sub boxes from other providers. Something useful/interesting accompanied by junk, junk, junk. My Marzia sub box arrived much earlier than I anticipated, which in itself is a promising first step. Ms. Marzia and Reelstyle – excellent selection! This is the box, rapidly thrashed open,Continue reading “Unboxing – Marzia Floral Box”

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